Types Of Mnemonics That Aid Memorization

If you are looking for effective ways to become more efficient in learning and memorizing, we will share a number of mnemonics for memorization which will let you recall facts easier and can be applied to any subject. Continue reading to find out more.

Keyword Mnemonics

For those who are studying more than a couple of languages, the keyword mnemonic method can help improve learning and recall. It is especially effective in the area of foreign language. Let us explore more on how the keyword method works below:

  • Firstly, you need to choose a keyword that is somehow linked to the foreign word. Next, you just need to visualize that keyword which represents the meaning of the word that you are trying to learn.

Chunking as a Mnemonic Strategy

Chunking information is a mnemonic strategy which involves the organization of data into smaller groups that are easier to learn. The categories range from words, phrases or numbers which are much easier to remember and recall. Studies have shown that patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s can improve their verbal working memory though this same technique.

Musical Mnemonics

Another way to effectively deliver information to your brain is to use music. A simple example is the “ABC” song which can easily be memorized from scratch when it is set to music. Other knowledge that you can learn through music includes name of countries, memory verses, rainbow colors, science cycles, math equations, and more. Music is also effective in improving Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment.

Letter and Word Mnemonics

Acrostics and acronyms are basically the most common type of mnemonic strategies. Acronyms make use of a simple formula that is made up of letters that represent a word each. As for an acrostic, it makes use of a similar concept but instead of forming new words, acrostics form a sentence that helps you to recall information.

Rhyming as a Mnemonic Strategy

The ability to memorize and recollect nursery rhymes is often linked to the process of repeating the words. Rhyming words can be used as a mnemonic which is effective in helping us learn and remember information.

Connecting as a Mnemonic Method

One mnemonic strategy that can help you in encoding new information is to connect it with something that you are already familiar with. This gives it meaning which will be much easier to recall. Making connections is an elaborative type of rehearsal which can be applied to almost any type of information.

Loci Method as a Mnemonic Strategy

The Loci method is arguably the earliest-detected mnemonic strategy in history. It is first linked to Simonides of Ceos and is also highly researched on, showcasing its strong success across various life situations and academic subjects. The Loci method involves the learner imagining a familiar place to be mentally associated with a piece of information that he is trying to learn. When he is trying to remember it, he will re-visualize it by going through that location again until a memory is triggered.

Different mnemonic strategies offer different levels of efficiency. You can experiment with each one to see which method best suits your needs.

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