Tips On Writing A Song To Help Your Child Memorize

As parents and educators, you will have scoured the Internet for children’s songs countless times. On a few of these occasions, you may have been trying to find a song around a specific topic to help your child retain information. However, some of the songs out there can be pretty hit or miss, or maybe you simply couldn’t find what you were searching for. If so, it’s time to write your own song to help your child memorize! If that sounds too intimidating, do not worry. You do not have to write and compose a song from scratch. Simply replacing the lyrics from popular songs can go a long way.

Choose a Familiar and Memorable Song

When writing a song to help your child memorize, you do not want them to have to learn a new tune in addition to the lyrics. To this end, the best choice would be to select a familiar tune, one that they already know. While classics such as “Twinkle Twinkle” can never go out of style, do not underestimate the popular new tunes that are circulating in children’s media today, such as “Baby Shark”.

Keep Lyrics Simple

Although it can be tempting to fluff up lyrics, sticking to the basics ensures that you do not run the risk of complicating things. A general rule of thumb is to think of the keywords and phrases you want your child to remember and intersperse them throughout the lyrics, adding filler words as necessary.

Music for Language Learning

In addition to social learning, music can also help a child’s language learning as they listen to different vocal emphases as well as rhythmic beats and pitches. Much of daily speech and writing is entrenched in rhythm: think of alliteration and stressed syllables. A child who is exposed to music will intrinsically be able to pick up on these key aspects of language learning.

Sing It to Yourself

If you are unsure whether a song will work, sing it back to yourself, a few times if necessary. Are there any awkward phrases? Do the number of syllables fit with the tune? Practice and perfect it before teaching it to your child. You can even record it so that your child can listen over and over again, alongside teaching them some simple hand movements or drawing pictures if your child is a kinaesthetic or visual learner.

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