The Benefits Of Incorporating Music Into Studying

With that challenging exam around the corner, you must have already started hitting the books without any second to spare. While burning the midnight oil, you continue to persevere right through the wee hours of the morning. What if there was a more effective way to study instead of spending hours in silence trying to cramp study materials into your head? Continue reading to learn how music and studying can support your study routine.

The Music and Study Theory

You might have heard how music can actually help you study. Research has shown that music instills positive vibes onto both the human body and brain. It activates both the right and left brain simultaneously and this process can improve memory and optimize learning.

Music is Proven to Relieve Stress

Amidst a busy class schedule, students are bound to be under a lot of stress and pressure. This is exactly why students need to study while putting on some music as it is proven to be an effective stress reliever. The University of Maryland Medical Center exposes that listening to music can help reduce stress in both healthy students and those with health issues. Research finds that soothing music can lower blood pressure, anxiety levels, and heart rate in patients suffering from heart problems. This statement reveals how powerful the effect that songs have on our body.

Music can Lower Anxiety

Anxiety is pretty common in those going through a lot of stress and pressure. How can students beat it? By listening to soothing music while studying, studies have shown that anxiety levels can be greatly reduced. This is akin to getting a massage while cramping study notes for that exam. Students stricken with anxiety need to pop in their earbuds before heading to the library to feel a sense of relaxation and ease which is important to increase focus.

Music can Improve Performance

Music is found to support better performance in people undergoing high levels of pressure. Research has shown that upbeat tunes can transform pressure into top-notch performance which is definitely what students need during the exam period.

Music can Relieve Pain

Have you experienced a sprain or a stretched muscle which causes throbbing pain that only a good painkiller can provide relief for? According to USA Today, music is a powerful medium to help the body ease different forms of pain. It takes your mind off from the throbbing pain and can drastically reduce its intensity.

Music can Increase Focus

A Stanford study found that music promotes brain movement by engaging different regions of the brain that control focus. Researchers believe that the choice of music can influence brain processing activities that help it carefully organize inbound data. Music by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart is effective in helping students categorize incoming information which is essential when studying.

If you are a student who is constantly feeling stressed and anxious, music can provide various forms of relief. Be selective when choosing the type of music so as to gain optimum results that can help you learn and memorize more effectively.

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