How Rap Songs And Lyrics Can Be Classroom Friendly

You may know some educators who think that rap songs and lyrics are not suitable for the classroom, and it’s not hard to see why given some of the more explicit lyrics out there today. However, that does not mean you have to shy away from rap songs and lyrics altogether. When used in an appropriate manner, they can be the key to connecting with your students and helping them in the learning process. Read on to find out how rap songs and lyrics can be classroom friendly.

Connect with Students

Should the classroom be a place where you, the educator, exists in your students’ worlds? Or should it be a place where they try to fit into your world? You decide, but most educators would agree that it’s the former. If so, there’s no better way of connecting with your students than through rap songs and lyrics. For the many years it has existed, hip hop culture has always been associated with youth, despite the historical events that have taken place since then. By putting yourself in a position where you see the world through your students’ eyes, they will be more able to feel the relevance of what they are learning.

Build Respect

What does it say when you bring something that is integral to your students’ lives into the classroom? One thing is for sure, your students will feel a sense of respect that you are attempting to enter their world instead of forcing them to enter yours. Although it cannot be denied that certain elements of rap may not be classroom-appropriate, there’s a difference between knowing where the boundaries lie and teaching students to disrespect anything that doesn’t fit in with the classroom ideal. By introducing educational topics through rap songs and lyrics, you are engaging students in a discussion about real issues instead of steeping them in an academic world which has no relevance to the world they live in.

Promote Learning

What some educators fail to realize is that a discussion of hip hop culture doesn’t mean an adoption of it. By introducing rap songs and lyrics into the classroom, you are teaching students that they should not flee from adversity, but actively discuss it and formulate ideas to tackle it. For instance, you can use a rap song to teach students about the life of Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. Rap songs can also be used as a medium for students to express their academic opinions as opposed to more conventional methods such as writing essays.

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