How Music Is Used In Language Learning

If you are learning a language, have you ever wondered if listening to music can enhance the learning process? The answer is definitely yes! There are many reasons music is so amazing for language learning. Songs stay in our heads in a way that vocabulary lists and grammar rules do not. We share with you some ways music can be beneficial for language learning in this article.

Portable and Convenient Learning Tools

What do you do when you have a few minutes to spare in the car? How about during your hour-long commute to work? Some people may prefer to chill, but it’s a wonderful way of getting in some class time if you learn a language. Because music can be easily stored on a phone or MP3, it’s easy to bring around and you only need a couple of minutes to listen to one. Whenever you find yourself with some time on your hands, just break out the earphones.

Easy to Memorize

If you have spent ages pouring over grammar and vocabulary lists, we hear you. What if we told you there is a better way of committing those words and rules to memory? That’s right, music is a fun and effective way of aiding memorization. The way certain words and grammatical rules are applied to lyrics can also help you make sense of something you were puzzling over.

Connect with Local Culture

Another huge plus of using music as a language learning tool is the associations with local culture you will inevitably come across. Many people choose to learn a language at least in part due to their interest in the culture. In addition, it will give you a topic in common with native speakers. Next time you visit the country or run into a tourist, you will be able to converse with them on something you have extended knowledge about!

Break Up Study Time

Sometimes, you just need a break from your desk. However, you may not want to feel like you are wasting time. When that’s the case, using music to break up your study time can be very effective. Even if it’s just playing in the background, chances are, you will pick up some words and phrases over time. As songs tend to be just minutes long, you can easily fit a few into your day without much trouble.

Enhance Learning with Mind Muzic

Now that you know the amazing benefits music can have for language learning, let’s turn to student learning. Just as it can help adults with language learning, music is a fun, interesting and effective way for students who need help with memorization and retaining information. At Mind Muzic, we provide musical resources for students that follow the national curriculum and all our monthly subscriptions come with new videos, personalized playlists and quizzes. With a free 14-day trial, sign up now and feel the difference music can make to the learning experience!

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