Music And Its Effect On Memory

We all know the powerful effect music has on memory. Have you ever been transported back to a different place and time when a familiar song came up on the radio? That’s how powerful music is: it has the ability to transcend the space-time continuum through memory. Those who are suffering from memory loss conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can benefit from music therapy from the early stages of the disease. Students who are looking for strategies to aid memorization can try learning through music as well. Read on to find out more about the incredible effect of music on memory.

Attaches an Emotion to A Task

Playing music while engaging in a specific task can help to associate that task with the piece of music. For Alzheimer’s patients, this can be useful as the condition progresses, allowing patients to rely on music to bring back the emotion associated with doing a particular activity. The same can be applied to learning and memorizing facts, which is why we remember better when we put facts into a song!

Reduces Agitation for Optimal Mental Functioning

Not being able to remember something can be frustrating. Students who have to cram lots of facts into their heads before an exam can experience high levels of stress and anxiety. Music can help to calm them down and induce a sense of calm and relaxation, contributing to a healthy state of mind. In fact, did you know that enjoying music requires little to no cognitive function? This allows the mind to just relax and is particularly helpful for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients as a link between the past and present.

Communication Tool

Every teenager goes through that phase of tuning out the world and tuning in to music. To this end, music can almost be said to be a communication tool. When music is utilized in student learning, it can be used to communicate critical facts and equations they need to know. Even better, our brains are more attuned to remembering music than strings of words. As the brain works to recognize patterns and process the information conveyed in the songs, you will find that your child or student will be better able to memorize facts. In fact, they may even find that it’s not such a chore as usual.

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