Can Rap Music Be Used To Promote Learning?

Extensive studies have shown that listening to music can help children to learn better. More specifically, music is useful in enhancing brain development and cognitive functions. It has also been found that music is helpful in boosting one’s memory. In fact, music has been used for centuries as a mnemonic device, even till today. You may be familiar with songs such as the Alphabet Song, Fifty Nifty United States, and the Periodic Table Song. If you are wondering if rap music can be used to promote learning, the short answer is yes. Read on to find out why.

Building the Foundation with Music

From a young age, children are exposed to music. The reason is that music is an engaging device that helps children learn better. Childhood songs are aplenty and serve as a fundamental learning block for children. While simple, childhood songs provide children with long hours of joy and fun as games are being played to the songs. The Alphabet Song, for example, acts as an important foundation for a child’s language abilities. Once they learn their ABCs and the order in which they go by, they start to take on more knowledge in learning how to spell, how to pronounce words, how to write, grammar rules, and pick up more vocabulary.

Rap as a Teaching Device

It has been found that memories associated with music are stored in a part of the brain that is resistant to conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is because music affects our implicit memory. As opposed to explicit memory, which is a type of long-term memory that requires intentional effort in recalling, implicit memory involves little to no conscious effort to recall. Hence, music can be used as an effective tool to boost the memory of children when they are learning.

Using rap music, information can be put into the songs and taught to children. In a way, it is a simple and quick method for children to learn as they only need to learn the song to have a grasp on the knowledge that the song is carrying. Compared to hours of memorizing a school textbook, memorizing rap music is a more efficient and engaging way for children to learn.

Does Genre Matter in Learning?

While some may be resistant in integrating rap music into their children’s education, it is important to note that the genre does not matter much in learning as long as the music is aligned with the child’s musical preferences. In fact, the rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration used in rap music serve as a strong cue for children to learn and remember information.

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