The Multiple Uses Of Music In The Classroom

Music comes with multiple amazing benefits for students, but what exactly are they? From inculcating a positive mindset to aiding with memorization, music can help students in both expected and unexpected ways. Read on to find out some ways music can be utilized in the classroom.

Enrich Learning Experiences

Educators who work with younger children know that they have very short attention spans. It can take ages to capture the attention of young children and by the time you do, there’s barely any time left to conduct the lesson. By playing music as a soundtrack to wake up the classroom and in accompanying certain lessons, you can pique the interest of children and enrich their learning experiences. For instance, when teaching children about wildlife and nature, playing a jungle-related song can help to get them excited and tuned in.

Create the Right Atmosphere

What kind of atmosphere is in your classroom? Ideally, you would want it to be a supportive atmosphere where your students can learn and build friendships. Creating the right atmosphere can be done through music – playing a soothing soundtrack when your students enter the classroom at the start of the day can help to set the correct mood. As music is associated with emotions and memory, choosing an appropriate track can also help to get students in the right mindset for learning.

Promote Social Bonding

Music brings people together, and it’s no different in the classroom. Choosing a classroom theme song or getting your students to write one together can help to build a sense of community that strengthens the bonds between them. When students get along, they develop empathy and this positive mindset will benefit them throughout their time in your classroom and beyond.

Aid in Memorization

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to remember song lyrics yet so hard to cram a list of facts into your head? The answer is simple: music. Children learn their ABC’s through a song, therefore it should come as no surprise that songs are the best way of helping students retain information in a fun and effective way. If your students are resistant to textbook learning and rote memorization, it’s time to incorporate the information they need to learn into songs, chants and raps.

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