How Can Music Be Used For Teaching?

Many teachers may shy away from using music in class because they do not have musical training, or are unaware of how music can be used to teach. The truth is that music can be incorporated into a wide range of subjects to help students learn and remember new and existing concepts. For the younger set, songs that encourage movement and participation in daily routines such as cleaning up can be useful, too. In this article, we share with you some ways music can be used for teaching.

For Younger Students

Younger students may not understand the concept of time like adults do – for instance, if you inform your class that they have ten minutes left to finish up their work, it is not a measurable standard they can constantly check on like older students. Using music to time how long they have left before moving on to the next task can be helpful for younger students. Simply play a song they all recognize, getting them to sing along if you wish, and they can easily internalize the time they have left.

It is widely known that younger students have a shorter attention span and cannot sit still for too long. Using music to section classroom time into short “brain breaks” is a strategy used by many teachers. During this time, encourage your students to move around with simple songs such as the Hokey Pokey. You can even change the lyrics of familiar songs to teach your students about caring, sharing or keeping active, amongst many others.

Subject Teaching

As educators, it can be tough making learning an engaging experience while keeping in compliance with state standards. You want to ensure that your students understand the course material, but just endlessly drilling the information in class may not be the best strategy. Here is where music comes in:

  • History: History is one subject that can greatly benefit from being taught through music. Dates and details can get buried underneath an onslaught of information, but when cultural traditions and historical events are put to a tune, students can more easily remember them. After all, songs are essentially poems, and when set to a catchy tune that is popular with students, retaining information will become a breeze.
  • Math: The study of math makes use of many complex equations that have to be remembered before a student can set about solving a problem. Making use of mnemonics and setting these equations to music can help make the experience less daunting and encourage better information retention.
  • Science: Similar to history, there are many facts that require remembering in science. Students can benefit from simple, catchy lyrics set to the tune of popular songs to help them remember.

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