Putting Facts In A Song Can Help You Remember Them

Memorizing is often not a painless process. In fact, it tends to be tedious and time-consuming. However, when you put facts in a song, the chances of remembering them are higher and it is a much less painful way to pass the time. This is even truer of young children, who are attracted to more engaging ways of learning and can absorb information more easily than adults. To put it into perspective, most people still sing the ABC’s in their head when trying to figure out which letter comes first in the alphabet.

Music Works Both Sides of The Brain

Did you know that when we speak, we are primarily exercising the left side of the brain? However, when you learn with music, the right side of the brain is exercised too as it makes use of oral, aural and physical engagement. For instance, using certain hand movements to accompany the lyrics can help kinaesthetic learners, while writing out the lyrics or drawing pictures will help visual learners. In this way, all kinds of learners – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – can benefit from memorizing through music.

Music Provides Structure and Predictability

One reason music is so effective for memorization is because of the structure and predictability of songs. Most songs are essentially rhymes set to a tune and when words rhyme, our brains are better able to grasp the structure and remember what comes next. This allows the brain to formulate a timed placement of words. Just as language has a pattern of words, phrases, questions and more, so does music. In fact, the lyrics can even imitate that of conversation, providing the brain with a predictable pattern of timing and sequencing that is conducive for memorization.

Learning with Music is Fun

Everyone knows that sitting down with a notebook full of facts to memorize by the next day is never fun. In fact, it can even be ineffective as the words all start to blur into one. What, then, is an effective method of memorization? Music! It worked for us as children and there is no reason it will not work for children today. Learning with music is fun, especially for young children. Instead of being something they dread, once you put the facts they need to remember into a song, it can become something fun for you to go over with your child.

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