Making Use Of Songs To Memorize

If you are able to recall how you first started learning your ABCs, you would be aware that it was through a song. Some may regard memorizing as a tedious chore but it can actually be fun and easy if you make use of songs to memorize effectively. Below are some reasons why memorizing gets easier when it is done with music.

Music is an Effective Mnemonic Tool

The rhythm and melody patterns of a song stimulate the neural pathways of our brain. This process in turn helps us to build memory. Since music supports how our memory cells function, why not learn everything to a song?

Music Supports Brain Structure

Are you aware that those who stutter will not stutter when they are singing? This is due to the structure within the music that gives the brain a programmed placement of words. Akin to how language works with patterns, music also functions in a similar manner. It is a natural language which supports the reinforcement of memorization through its timing and sequencing of rhythm and words.

Singing Stimulates More Than One Part of The Brain

Singing involves both parts of the brain as it requires aural, oral, and physical engagement. More neural pathways are formed as we sing or chant and this lets us remember much more efficiently. In order to obtain optimum results, you can choose to include visual cues like keywords and actions.

Learning with Music

It is common for us to forget something that we have just learnt a couple of days ago. To improve our memory work, we can memorize things to a song or chant. This process can effectively let us retain information over an extended period of time which may even last up to several years.

Make Memorizing an Enjoyable Activity

Music evokes positive emotions which will make memorizing to a song such an enjoyable activity. If you dread memorizing a list of dates or facts through constant repetition, try to memorize them to a song. This process can be fun and help to improve your mood.

Chunking Words with Music

Music lets us chunk words together like lyrics or other words and phrases that we are trying to remember. The rhythm and melody of music create an effective framework which we can attach the words to. This will enable us to recollect information much easier at a later time. This means that musical structures improve our learning ability and the way we absorb information.

Using Music as a Memory Aid

Music is mostly used as a memory aid through songs that you are already familiar with. If you are trying to memorize new words or phrases through a new song, this method may not work as efficiently. You may even find it difficult to process the new material and perceive the entire experience as dreadful.

Before you try using music or songs to memorize, consider all the tips that we have shared in the article above. Selecting the right techniques will enable you to memorize faster and easier.

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