How Much Do You Know About The Bill Of Rights?

The Bill of Rights are known as the first ten amendments and included rights and liberties like due process of law, freedom of speech, religion and more. Do you know what the Bill of Rights are? If you would like to find out more about interesting topics about history like these, feel free to check out Mind Muzic. In the meantime, read on to find out more!

What is the Bill of Rights?

Essentially, the Bill of Rights is United States’ first 10 amendments in the Constitution, which helps guarantee things like civil liberties, essential rights and more. Examples of these rights include the right to bear arms, the right to free speech and so on. Since the ratification of the 10 amendments in 1791, the Bill of Rights has gradually become an important and integral aspect of the Constitution.

Where are the Original Copies of the Bill of Rights?

Previously, the congress had commissioned for a total of 14 copies of the Bill of Rights. This was for each of the 13 states, and one for U.S.’s federal government. President George Washington had wanted these copies to be delivered to each state for these states to consider ratification. Currently, most of the states have their original copies, except for four states- Maryland, Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania. Another two copies are in The New York Public Library and the Library of Congress.

Who was the Bill of Rights Written By?

The Bill of Rights was drafted by James Madison, who also played a large role in drafting the original Constitution after it was ratified in 1788. Madison referred to other rights like the Virginia Declaration of Rights primarily inked by George Mason in 1776. This happened two months before the Declaration of Independence. Besides that, Madison also drew from amendments that ratifying conventions of different states had suggested.

In total, he drafted 19 amendments. In June 1789, Madison proposed these amendments to Congress. The number was narrowed down to 17 by the House of Representatives, and then to 12 with the approval of the House. The House had approved 12 amendments in September 1789, and these amendments were sent for ratification by the states.

When Was the Bill of Rights Ratified?

The Bill of Rights, which consists of the 10 amendments were ratified in 1971 on December 15. Since then, they became a part of the Constitution. Initially, two amendments that were proposed by the Congress were rejected by the states. One of the amendments included apportioning representation in the House of Representatives. The other amendment prevented Congress members from voting to change their pay, all the way till the next session of Congress.

Over 200 years later, the second amendment which was rejected was added to the Constitution. It was the 27th Amendment.

On December 15 each year, the Bill of Rights Day is observed. This was the day that a joint resolution of Congress was approved by the president then in 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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