Excellent Ways To Improve Your History Classes

History can easily be one of the most interesting and exciting subjects in school when taught the right way. Students who study history can develop a better understanding of the world we live in and deal with complex questions and dilemmas. However, it can also become heavy and confusing as there are so many names, dates, and concepts to remember. There are many techniques for history teachers to teach the subject to their students. If you are looking for ways to improve your history classes, here are a few excellent ways to make them engaging and dynamic.

Contextualize Time Periods Clearly

Throughout history, many significant events have happened. It is common for students to mix up events, dates, and notable figures from different times. To prevent this from happening, conceptualizing time periods clearly is important. It will be helpful for history teachers to provide summarized notes about the evolution of various historical periods and contextualize the events and entities involved. Make use of visuals and annotations to make the notes easier to read and absorb.

Host Intra-Class Competitions

Conducting history classes in the same manner throughout the semester can result in students getting bored. To create some excitement, host intra-class competitions. Divide the students into separate teams and ask them questions about what has been taught previously. You can also host debates between the teams so that they can practice forming sound arguments and make use of the concepts taught in class. Be sure to reward the winning team to encourage participation. This will motivate the students to study for the competition beforehand and engage them in class.

Prepare Engaging Narratives

Making use of engaging narratives is an appealing way for students to listen in class. History is one of the easiest subject to create engaging narratives as there a large number of interesting stories at your disposal. The most important point to take note of is to use the narratives in a way that is relevant to the topic at hand. Plan them to include a beginning, development, and conclusion that will maintain interest.

Incorporate Historical Documentaries and Films

Historical documentaries and films are a great way for students to be exposed to different forms of lessons. They are often filmed in a way that brings up emotions and highlights the lives of main characters in detail. This can pique the interest of students in a way that is not possible to achieve by giving them lectures. The occasional use of historical documentaries and films can provide a larger background and supplements the lessons taught in class.

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