4 Famous Medieval Castles

The Medieval Times were known for their brutality and landmarked by the famous castles in the Middle Ages. The design and architecture of these castles had been modified with the passage of time, as they were affected by key events in history such as the Crusades and the advent of siege warfare.

Caernarvon Castle

The construction of the Caernarvon Castle was initiated by English King Edward I (1272-1307) in the year 1283. He invited Master James of St George to design and construct the castle. The cost of the castle was a staggering £27,000. The castle had ties with famous prophecies of the time, including The Druid Wizard, Merlin and others. Merlin in particular was said to have been birthed in a cave right outside the castle. As a result, the name “Caernarvon” was likely to have originated from Caer Myrddin, defined as Merlin’s town or fortress.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle was constructed with the use of Anglo-Saxon laborers by William the Conqueror. Originally built with wood, it was later strengthened with stone in the year 1119. Leeds Castle was in proximity of the River Len. The castle was large enough to be built over three islands flanked by a man-made lake. King Henry VIII famously turned it into a Royal Palace but kept the defenses intact to fend off potential invasion by France or Spain.

Windsor Castle

Windsor is the biggest and oldest castle that is able to house occupants for another 900 years. The royal family and Queen Elizabeth II of England famously consider Windsor Castle their home. Back in the medieval period, William the Conqueror was the one who decided on the location of Windsor Castle. The Castle was notoriously employed by the Saxon Kings in the Dark Ages, thus explaining why it had dungeons that imprisoned many well-known criminals in history.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is easily the most well-known castle in the whole of England. It is also linked to William the Conqueror, who successfully took over England in 1066. Originally, in place of the Tower of London was Motte and Bailey castle made up of wood. Then, William the Conqueror built the White Tower made of stone in 1097 to replace Motte and Bailey. In total, a whopping 21 different towers made up the Tower of London complex. Besides that, the Tower was also notorious for the gruesome torture and executions of its prisoners during the Middle Ages.

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