The Lewis &Clark Expedition

Expeditions in the past were dangerous and often life threatening. Brave men and women risked their lives to explore and discover new things about the world we live in. If you are interested in learning more about great men, read up on the Lewis & Clark expedition today.

About Lewis & Clark

President Thomas Jefferson tasked two men, Lewis and Clark, to explore the Louisiana Purchase. They were to collect data on everything they came across, from flora and fauna, to local populations, geography and map charting. This was extremely dangerous. America back then still had hostilities between the natives and the settlers, and the British, French and Spanish were vying fiercely for economic dominance. No one could know of the expedition.

Army Captain Meriwether Lewis had to learn medical cure, astronomical navigation, and he was already an expert in mineralogy and had the constitution to finish the mission. William Clark was a already a seasoned soldier then, even though he was just in his twenties. He was involved in the Northwest Indian War and had served in the military for more than 5 years.

The expedition was long and arduous. They started out on a boat, but that soon was damaged and they had to continue on foot and any form of transportation they could find along the way. At the end of it, Clark had to resign due to poor health, at the young age of 26. And barely any mention of the expedition was known to the public at all. Lewis and Clark have since been memorialized in many government buildings, commemorative coins and dollar notes, and several statues have been erected in recognition of their work.

Popular Facts about the Lewis & Clark Expedition

  • According to the history entire expedition covered 8000 miles, incredible as it was into unknown, dangerous territories. 178 new plants were discovered, as well as some 122 new animals.
  • Lewis was shot by a friendly arrow accidently, in the behind, by a near sighted crew member.
  • In the entire 2-year journey, there was only one death reported, and he succumbed to appendicitis, and not to the dangers of the mission.

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