Pythagoras was an ancient Greek scientist, philosopher, and scholar who is credited with having developed numerous mathematical theories such as the Pythagorean theorem among many others. There are many people who believe that it was Pythagoras who first described himself as a lover of wisdom (from where the word philosopher comes from). It is also thought that it was Pythagoras who was the first scientist to divide the world into five climatic zones.

About Pythagoras

Pythagoras was born in the year 570 BC and was said to have been the son of a gem-engraver based on the island of Samos. Little is known about his education but it is generally agreed that around 530BC, Pythagoras went to southern Italy where he founded a school. The school that Pythagoras founded was no ordinary school as the students were said to live a monk-like lifestyle with communalism highly encouraged. Students were also prohibited from taking alcohol and they were encouraged to eat healthy food. There is even a belief that Pythagoras’ school encouraged vegetarianism.

Popular Facts about Pythagoras

  • Pythagoras was not just a scientist, but many believe that he led his students and followers into a secret organization whose lives revolved around numbers and mathematical concepts. Pythagoras and his followers believed that numbers could solve even the most difficult mysteries about the universe.
  • Pythagoras and his followers believed that some numbers were sacred. For example, they believed that seven was associated with wisdom. Eight on the other hand represented justice. According to Pythagoras, number ten was the most sacred number of them all.
  • One of the symbols that Pythagoras and his followers held in great esteem was known as the Tetractys. This was a form of a triangle that had ten different points across four rows. According to Pythagoras, this triangle represented the order of the universe and space in general.
  • Pythagoras and his followers would worship the number ten and its associated symbols as if the number was a god in itself. They had dedicated prayers that revolve around this number. People joining the group would have to swear an oath of allegiance to Pythagoras himself as well as all the other symbols and numbers that the group held as sacred.

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