Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 and was the first African American baseball player in Major League Baseball. Jackie started playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award in the same year as well as MLB’s Most Valuable Player in 1949. At Mind Muzic, we use music to teach children all about Jackie Robinson. Music is a fun and engaging way to get children to learn about such great people. Our unique approach to learning is aligned with the principle that children learn better when they are having fun.

About Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson helped pioneer the involvement of African Americans in MLB or Major League Baseball. He broke many records, being the first African American player to be awarded the MVP Award. He also played in six World Series tournaments and was largely responsible for the Dodger’s victory in the 1955 World Series Championship. In 1997, MLB retired his uniform number, making him the first professional athlete to be given that honor.

Popular Facts about Jackie Robinson

  • Although Jackie Robinson was born in the State of Georgia, he was actually raised in California. His family moved there after the death of their father.
  • Jackie Robinson was named after President Teddy Roosevelt. His middle name was Roosevelt.
  • His achievement as a professional athlete did a lot to contribute to the Civil Rights Movement. He became an icon for many African American kids at the time who aspired to join professional league baseball.
  • On April 15th every year, all MLB athletes wear jersey number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. The day is known as Jackie Robinson Day.
  • He was one of the founders of the Freedom National Bank, an institution that is largely owned by African Americans and offered financial services to them.
  • When he died in 1972, the US government awarded him the Congressional Medal of Freedom and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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