Great Women

Black history is filled with great women. From trailblazers like millionaire Madame C.J. Walker, and Shirley Chisholm, to modern day icons like Aretha Franklin and Rosa Parks, women have overcome many prejudices and suppression of their time. Learn history through songs about these women and the songs that they themselves wrote.

About Great Women Lessons

The traditional role of women has always been the homemaker. The hunter-gatherer role is usually taken up by the man. He hunts and find food for the family while his wife takes care of everything else. Old society workforce was dominated by men, because a single income was enough to support an entire family. All meals were at home and population growth was healthy. For women who wanted to make a name for themselves, however, this was an uphill battle. They had to break away from all traditions and stereotypes.

Popular Facts about Great Women

  • Sarah Breedlove did not have a great childhood. Coming from a slave family of 6 children, she was the first child to be born free after the Emancipation Proclamation. Both her parents passed away by the time Sarah was 7. At age 10, Sarah was already a servant in a Mississippi household. There were no laws outlawing child labor back then. She married at the age of 14 but her husband died in just 2 years. Her second marriage also resulted in the death of her husband, and she changed her name to Madame C.J. Walker. From then it was an iconic climb to success, starting from hair care product sales to opening her own business, a factory, training staff, and amassing a million dollars in fortune at the time of her death at the age of 51, in 1919.
  • Shirley Anita St. Hill was born outside of America and their family migrated in 1921.  Both her parents had two jobs each, and life was not easy. She eventually went from a teacher’s aide to an activist, helping to elect the first black judge, Lewis Flagg Jr, into office. She then became the first black woman member of the New York State Assembly. Her political career ended on her failed attempted to run for President in 1972.
  • RosaLouise McCauley Parks made history when she refused to move to the back of an Alabama bus to make way for white people to sit in the front. She was part of a subsequent bus boycott which is considered a key event in the history of anti-discrimination against blacks in America.
  • ArethaLouise Franklin has been singing ever since her gospel days as a child in her father’s church. Her most iconic song is probably Respect, and she has performed in superbowls and presidential inaugurations. She recorded hundreds of songs and sold a total of 75 million albums at the time of her death in 2018.

Great Women History Lessons | What Mind Muzic Offers

We have created a rap video about Great Women. From flight to women’s rights, it would take several albums to cover the number of women involved in shaping our world. This track will give you an overview of some of the more important ones, including Oprah Winfrey, Harriet Tubman, Mother Teresa, Cleopatra, Rosa Parks, and Sandra O’Connor.

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Great women deserve to be remembered by our future generations, and her at Mind Muzic we believe in the learning of history through music and rap. You will be pleased to know that Mind Muzic has also won various awards, including a Gold Award Recipient of the Mom’s Choice Awards, a Music Video Award at the Cine Gear Expo, and a Parent & Teacher Choice Award.

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