Charles Darwin

We study history to help us understand and address complex questions and problems by looking at how the past has shaped national and global relationships between people and societies. We can learn from the past to determine why people acted the way they did and identify any positive aspects to learn from. To learn more about an inspirational historical figure who developed the foundation of modern evolutionary studies, continue reading to find out about Charles Darwin.

About Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1809. He was a naturalist who developed the scientific theory of evolution which later became the basis of modern evolutionary studies. Darwin was a sociable gentleman who first shocked religious Victorian society when he suggested that humans and animals had the same origins. However, his biology that had no religious grounds appealed to the evolving class of expert scientists. At the time of his death, evolutionary imagery was already spreading through literature, science and politics.

Popular Facts about Charles Darwin

  • Darwin was the second son to society doctor, Robert Waring Darwin and Susannah Wedgewood.
  • Darwin’s mother, the daughter of Josiah Wedgwood, the Unitarian pottery industrialist, died when he was just eight.
  • Darwin learnt a lot from his father’s medical observations regarding human psychology.
  • Darwin hated rote learning of Classics when he studied at the traditional Anglican Shrewsbury School between 1818 and 1825.
  • Darwin experimented with chemistry, thus was nicknamed “Gas” by his schoolmates who condemned him along with his headmaster as Science was then considered dehumanizing.
  • Darwin was sent to study medicine in 1825 at Edinburgh University as his father had seen him as a 16-year-old interested only in game shooting.

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