Albert Einstein

Great people in history can teach us a lot about success, failure, and everything in between. Since these historical figures had such successful lives, we can all learn valuable life lessons from the people who were once at the top. If you are interested in learning more about inventors and scientists, be sure to check out Albert Einstein. He was considered the most influential theoretical physicist of the 20th century.

About Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a famous German scientist who was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. He was widely known for his brilliant mind and ideas surrounding physics, Mercury’s orbit, gravitational waves, and much more. Perhaps one of Albert Einstein’s most memorable achievements is the special relativity equation of E = mc^2. The scientist is also known for his theory of the photoelectric effect (explaining the behavior of electrons under various circumstances) and general relativity (explaining how gravity works). His discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect earned him a Nobel Prize in Physics, in 1921. He officially received the award in 1922.

Popular Facts about Albert Einstein

  • Einstein was a slow learner (at first) as a child. Because the scientist was slow to learn speech, he did not begin talking until at least the age of three.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Einstein did not flunk math as a child. Records show that he was an exceptional student, albeit a reluctant one. For example, Einstein scored high grades during his school days in Munich.
  • Einstein loved sailing but was so bad at it that his neighbors in Long Island had to frequently help the scientist right his capsized boat. Einstein’s inability to swim, however, did not even stop him from hitting the water again.
  • In addition to being a great scientist, Einstein was also passionate about social issues. Although he was a pacifist during World War I, he became concerned at the rising anti-Semitism in post-war Germany. He even visited the United States in the early 1920s to financially support an educational institution that’s known as Hebrew University today.
  • Einstein had a lifelong passion for music and played the violin. Einstein’s mother, who was a pianist, signed him up for violin lessons when he was 5.
  • Einstein didn’t wear socks because he disliked the fact that socks inevitably will get holes in them.

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